thanks, praise, & an amazing birthday.

Awesome awesome day today for little guy Jack, and we know that it is completely God's loving hands healing our boy. First, he is beautiful! And I can say that now as I've been staring at his face tonight with no oxygen hood or nasal cannula covering him. He is maintaining great oxygen saturation without the assistance of any oxygen and has been doing so for several hours. We are praising God for this! Secondly, his breathing has slowed down a good bit. It still peaks at high rates but he has been breathing much slower and appears so much more comfortable breathing! He is improving by the hour, and it is amazing to watch! Each time Tommy would go down to see him today he would come back up with a smile talking about Jack's latest improvement. The biggest surprise of the day came when they said I could feed him. He is hungry, and we are so thankful for that! I have fed him twice now and both times his monitor stayed silent (no alarms going off) which was wonderful.

The neonatologist and nurse practitioner caring for Jack today spent a good bit of time talking with us, and they, too, are blown away by his progress. The neonatologist said Jack is tremendously better than he was last night and that he has made a "miraculous recovery"! She said his xray from yesterday was very scary, and he came to them as one very sick baby. She could not believe that this guy today was the same sick little guy from yesterday. After another xray and blood work, they ruled out Jack having Respiratory Distress Syndrome and have decided that he has pneumonia. He will need a 7 day course of antibiotics, so he will be in the NICU for 7 days. His xray today was improved from yesterday but not clear. We are praying for the infection to go away and his little lungs to continue healing.

We are so thankful for the awesome NICU staff; they are good at what they do and have been so good to us and Jack. We are beyond thankful for each and every step of improvement Jack has made and are really blown away by our little guy today- it's like he is a completely new baby! The baby we knew yesterday is gone, and it turns out our little Jack is not so grumpy but just couldn't breathe. Our guy is peaceful today and that blesses our hearts so much. Also, we are so thankful for you! We cannot even begin to tell you what your prayers, support, calls, messages, and love mean to us! We appreciate every single bit of love and encouragement we have gotten and could never thank you all enough. We have read every comment, text, email, & listened to every message and appreciate every single one of them. We want to thank every person for their kindness, so please know that we are so thankful and appreciate every thought! It truly is the work of God that Jack is so much better today, and we thank Him for you who have bowed before Him on our behalf. God is good and has blessed us so much today with the pure joy of watching Jack heal before our eyes. Thank you for loving us and loving Jack and lifting us up during this time.

We have loud prayers of thanks and praise to God tonight! And we are also specifically praying for:

- the antibiotics to work well against the pneumonia to fully heal Jack
- Jack's respiratory rate to continue to improve and stay in the right range
- successful feeding

thank you for praying with us and for us!


lauren & tommy

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  1. Way to go Jack!! I pray he continues to improve beyond the doctors expectations. He has wonderful, loving parents that are physically present and urging him on... and now that you're able to actually hold him, I'm sure that he's going to improve. Can't wait for the 7 days to be over and meet him face to face.
    Love from all of us.