ten for thursday.

1. I might make cookies today... just to keep you posted :)

2. I love getting to spend extra time with my dogs! I've been home a lot more these last few weeks and have had some extra time to just hang out with them. They're so fun. And sweet and great dogs. I'm obviously biased and sound probably weird going on about my dogs, but it's truth.

3. Our neighbor has a foster dog who she is trying to find a home for. He is so cute and tugs at my heart a little. Don't worry, I didn't lose my mind. Although I did bring him over to play with our 2 pups. It's a pretty good match all around. Just sayin...

4. I think 2 dogs is legit- I mean they need a playmate, right? And it's a perfect situation for our family. I think once we cross the line to 3 dogs, our house officially becomes a zoo.
The 3 getting to know each other monitored by Tommy. I was banished to the other side of the fence after we learned the new guy has no way to stop himself when he gets running full speed.

You can't really see much of Lady and the new guy here but they're having a blast, and so is Eli with his red ball!

5. Me and sleep have not been best buddies lately. So tired...

6. We have an amazing group of youth at church and feel so blessed to get to know them and hang out with them. Had a blast at last night's youth group!

7. Tommy and I like going to Home Depot. I prefer to get out quickly while he could stay for... let's just say awhile, but we actually enjoy going there together. Are we weird?

8. I'm on pace with my pregnancy weight gain-- ya!

9. I found some gift cards hanging out in our house that we had forgotten about. Extra ya!

10. The weather this week has been so beautiful! I have loved spending time sitting outside in it!

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