A week of berries

Berries, berries galore! Today was a fantastic day at the grocery store! Blackberries 2/$2, raspberries 2/$5, blueberries and strawberries 2/$4 each! I may have gone a little crazy...

So this week we'll be eating lots of berries around here. My sister comes to live with us for the summer tomorrow so she will be required to start eating berries like it's going out of style. She's a pretty straight forward Cheerios type of gal. Seriously. Cheerios, apples, peanut butter, milk. Her typical diet. And we have a peanut free house. Should be an interesting summer for her...


Why do I love nutrition?

I'm linking back to a blog post from a blog I read pretty often. Over at The Simple Dollar, the topic the Friday before last was "Maintenance". One of the specifics was "health maintenance". Reading over the list, which I whole-heartedly agree with, I realized how many of the items were related to nutrition! I'm copying the list here:

10 Simple Steps to Get Started
1. Take a walk each evening and listen to music or podcasts or the radio while you stroll.
2. Eat smaller portions of what you already eat.
3. Toss out preprocessed food and replace it with raw foods like fruits and vegetables.
4. Eat less meat.
5. Drink moderately and give up smoking.
6. Eat a healthy breakfast - say, a banana or an apple.
7. Address the stresses in your life head-on.
8. Reduce your responsibility load.
9. Use less salt to season your food.
10. Stretch fully each morning.
(Find these and more HERE from The Simple Dollar)

Notice #s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 9? Specifically nutrition related. Love it! This is why I love nutrition! It impacts our lives, our health, our well-being.

I particularly like #2. Eat smaller portions of what you already it. I am not one to say "don't eat that". I'm a huge sweets person, and I love a good regular Coke every now and then. We so often think we have to give up foods we love when in reality we can eat them but eat less of them and smaller amounts each time. My favorite suggestion for this-- instead of eating on a large dinner plate, use the smaller salad plate for meals. This way you automatically eat less!

#3- you cannot beat fresh fruits and vegetables. 'nough said!

#4- there is research to support the idea that eating less red meat helps to prevent some forms of cancer and other diseases. Having more vegetarian nights (something we're trying to do in our own home) is a good way to eliminate some meat from the diet. Baked chicken is also a good source of protein.

#5- drink moderately & quit the smokes! again, 'nough said.

#6- ohhh a healthy breakfast! Not only the best way to start the day but really, seriously amazing. I have not always been a breakfast eater. I used to skip or grab a Poptart (yeah, that's right). Until I met my husband. He eats a big breakfast every day and got me into it, and I tell you, it's the best thing! I wake up hungry now, my body feels the need for fuel, and I feel it when I skip it or have a skimpy breakfast. You will feel good when you eat breakfast! Seriously, I guarantee it! It is wonderful! Seriously.

#9- skip the salt. There's so many options out there that are not salt. Too much salt can lead to many health problems, so skip it. We're growing herbs this year, and I LOVE it! Fresh herbs add so much flavor to food and aren't salt. Ever tried Mrs. Dash? I like it.

Thanks Trent at The Simple Dollar for letting me piggy-back on your post even though you didn't know it.