for real this time.

I have a new blog, and it's for real this time.  We've started recounting our adventures over at a new space.  It's called Adventures of Jack and Me and you can find us here.  I will be sharing about our life over there from now on.  Thanks so much for reading and supporting me here for all of this time, and I hope you'll follow us over at our new space.  Much love!  lauren 


sick baby.

I don't think this is the first time I've had a post with this title.  We've been through several sicknesses with our babe, but I think that's normal for the first year.  Gotta build that immune system right?  This one is one of the worst.  My heart hurts for our little guy.  We actually took him to the ER on Wednesday night because he was running a fever of 104.5 degrees.  I could have cooked the brownies I was making on his back instead of in the oven.  Bless his heart. 

He never sleeps in my arms anymore.  Guess a fever will do that. 

It's a virus.  Our challenges now are fever management and getting fluids in him.  He doesn't want to drink and will get dehydrated quickly if he doesn't pick it up. 


july 4th recap.

Good Thursday everybody!  Wow, yesterday was so fun and I am EXHAUSTED.  We really packed it all in and had a blast, but seriously, it wore me out.  On top of that, or maybe because of that?, Jack did not sleep well last night.  Also, I'm not sure if this is scientifically or medically backed up, but I'm pretty confident that he had his first nightmare.  It was rough and sad and I really felt like a mama comforting my babe at the ripe ol' hour of 1 am from a nightmare. 

We hit the ground runnin' yesterday going to the Town of Farragut 25th Annual July 4th Parade.  It was so fun!  I really didn't think Jack would last through much of it, but he endured the parade for an hour!  Seriously impressive.  And he beat his Aunt Lindsay who was asking to go before he started getting cranky. 

This represents Jack pre-parade-- makin' friends with everybody. 

Saw his first helicopter and LOVED it 


Aunt B! 

Mayberry strolled through the parade.  Apparently Knoxville has an Andy Griffith Show Re-run Watchers Club.  Awesome. 

He got tired and just wanted to chill in his stroller. 

Then we did a little grocery shopping for food to fix, along with the rest of America, and had lunch at Nan and Pops house.  Then it was time for that big afternoon nap [especially since we intentionally skipped the morning one for the first time in history--- I gasp even just typing this].  I made a couple of iffy dishes while Jack napped and then we headed back to Pops and Nan's for some super fun!  We played and ate and played and ate.  We left exhausted.  All 3 of us were in bed before 9, thus missing all fireworks.  We heard them as we tried to fall asleep but couldn't even get out of bed to look at them.  Jack slept through them--- thank the Lord! 

My cute, patriotic boy.  Our old Maryland neighbors gave Jack this outfit for his birthday.  He loves the red, white, and blue! 

Jack and Uncle Bud 

He didn't want to take a picture. 

He really didn't understand why we were making him take a picture. 

We take croquet very seriously.  By the way, I won! 

Hope you and yours had a wonderful 4th!  Fun fact of the day-- the 4th of July is my sister's favorite holiday.