Sturdy and Warm

This cabinet was the first of many endeavors that we made on updating pieces of furniture. I happened to pick it up during a time when my husband was very busy trying to fix his truck, but he was such a sport helping fix it. I wish I had "before" pictures- I can't believe that I didn't take any! All I have is the after.

I saw this piece on Craigslist last May and thought it'd be great! We went to pick it up only to learn that it had been sitting in an East Tennessee garage for quite some time; therefore, wet, rotten, and moldy. But not all of it. I paid way too much for this!! I have learned me lesson now. We sanded and sanded and sanded! My husband built brand new doors for the front!! He did a great job and these are so much nicer than the ones that were nasty before. My sister helped me paint (white) and then lightly brush with a stain. Here we are 9 months later and it is sturdy, beautiful, and makes my room look so warm! I am loving this piece and while it was a lot of work it was so worth it because it means that much more to us now.

Our beautiful entertainment center!


A Day in the Life of A Dietetic Intern

Almost every time I am talking to someone and they ask what I do and I answer with "I am a Dietetic Intern. I will be a Registered Dietitian this summer." the immediate response is something of the following:

"Oh, I won't tell you what I eat."
"I love ice cream."
"I like vegetables."

just to name a few.

While I have developed my standard response by now, I still am always amazed to hear these things. Sure, I love nutrition, and yes I probably love fruits and vegetables more than most, but I have my weak spots as well. I like ice cream. I LOVE chocolate and especially LOVE S'mores! When my husband is with me he tells people (after their comments on my career) that I eat chocolate almost every day. I eat more dessert than my husband! But that's another story for another day. So my point... I guess I don't really have one. But it could be-- I love food! I love nutrition! And I love sweets!

Happy Wednesday!


What is The Blue Plate Special...

First post after much contemplation and several start and delete attempts. Whether this will work out well or not is very much up in the air, so we'll see how it goes. I chose the name "The Blue Plate Special" for several reasons. One, it's one of my favorite picks at a restaurant, and any restaurant that I've been to in the South with a blue plate special is a place you want to eat at! Also, while the blue plate special might seem unusual, it is always good, and often surprisingly so. I hope the same is true here- good, fun, surprising stuff as I explore more about my passions for food, my family, and my home. So, like a blue plate special, this will definitely be a mix of randomness. A little bit about me- I am a soon-to-be Registered Dietitian, a new homeowner, and wife to a wonderful man! We have the sweetest, most precious puppy who is just like Marley (from the book and movie). So you can see where my interests in food and health, my home, and family come from.

My husband made this meal- his own chicken parmesan which is my new favorite meal!!