A Day in the Life of A Dietetic Intern

Almost every time I am talking to someone and they ask what I do and I answer with "I am a Dietetic Intern. I will be a Registered Dietitian this summer." the immediate response is something of the following:

"Oh, I won't tell you what I eat."
"I love ice cream."
"I like vegetables."

just to name a few.

While I have developed my standard response by now, I still am always amazed to hear these things. Sure, I love nutrition, and yes I probably love fruits and vegetables more than most, but I have my weak spots as well. I like ice cream. I LOVE chocolate and especially LOVE S'mores! When my husband is with me he tells people (after their comments on my career) that I eat chocolate almost every day. I eat more dessert than my husband! But that's another story for another day. So my point... I guess I don't really have one. But it could be-- I love food! I love nutrition! And I love sweets!

Happy Wednesday!

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