What is The Blue Plate Special...

First post after much contemplation and several start and delete attempts. Whether this will work out well or not is very much up in the air, so we'll see how it goes. I chose the name "The Blue Plate Special" for several reasons. One, it's one of my favorite picks at a restaurant, and any restaurant that I've been to in the South with a blue plate special is a place you want to eat at! Also, while the blue plate special might seem unusual, it is always good, and often surprisingly so. I hope the same is true here- good, fun, surprising stuff as I explore more about my passions for food, my family, and my home. So, like a blue plate special, this will definitely be a mix of randomness. A little bit about me- I am a soon-to-be Registered Dietitian, a new homeowner, and wife to a wonderful man! We have the sweetest, most precious puppy who is just like Marley (from the book and movie). So you can see where my interests in food and health, my home, and family come from.

My husband made this meal- his own chicken parmesan which is my new favorite meal!!

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