about me

My name is Lauren, and I am in constant learning mode these days.  I am learning how to be a good wife, learning to be a mother, learning more about nutrition, and learning more about myself.  I spend my days at home with the sweetest little man I've ever known and am so blessed to do so.  I get paid in sloppy baby kisses and more often than not have baby food in my hair, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

photo credit: Julie Roberts

Before I became a mom I was a Clinical Dietitian at a hospital in Baltimore where my specialty was working with cardiac patients.  I spent my days talkin' heart health and felt like no one listened or cared.  I knew there had to be more to nutrition than that.  After I had my baby boy I was given the opportunity to work as the Clinical Dietitian in a nursing home in Washington DC.  I LOVED it!  I loved that I got to know my residents and could talk with them and help them with their daily nutritional problems.  In November, my husband took a new job which moved us back to my home state of TENNESSEE.  My life looks different now, and I'm learning to embrace all that comes with that.  I want to share my knowledge of nutrition with others!  I want to give helpful tips and help other mamas and anyone who wants to live healthier in their day to day life.  Thanks for stopping by to read some about me and read my blog.  I'd love to talk more about life, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle with you!