a homecoming to remember

At first I thought about saying something like "I'm not obsessed with my dogs but these pictures are just really cute." But I can't even pretend. I am obsessed, and if you know me then you know it's true. But there are multiple factors that play into my current extra-obsession with them. 1, Tommy was gone, so I got especially closer with the pups as they were keeping me company. B, they've been extra sweet lately. And 3, a lot of what I love about these pictures and them in our lives is watching Tommy interact with them. He is so awesome with them and perhaps I have strong maternal instincts kicking in but I love watching him play with them and love on them, and it makes me so excited to see him with Baby M soon!

So all of that to say that these pictures that I snapped of Tommy coming home from a long business trip perfectly capture the feeling in our house at this time! And that, I love.


speaking of winter

Little did I know in my last post about winter that snow would be coming my way! So I don't usually pay that much attention to the weather because well, I just don't. But this past week I was tracking the weathermen tracking this storm! I knew Tommy would be out of town; therefore, making it so much more likely that we would get snow. However, I was reassured by the weathermen (they reassured me personally, you know) that it would be rain. It wasn't rain. But snow. But you know what, it was ok! I didn't mind it. It was beautiful! Huge, big flakes and lots of pretty white stuff on the ground. Snow is really great when it's a manageable amount :)



It really feels like winter here. It's cold. It's dark. The sky is that winter color. I don't know how long until spring but I'm hoping it arrives earlier this year. I am in need of spring.



All in all I don't really think I've had too many cravings. I haven't really had something that I have to have so bad! I definitely do crave certain things but it's not that incredibly urgent thing I've so often heard described. The things I have craved though are really no good-- quite unhealthy.

- Hershey's bars
- Salt & Vinegar potato chips
- Clementines (this one's a good one though!)

And I just found this picture and right now I want it soooo bad! So just disregard my entire post. Thank you.


fajita night

I love that my husband likes to cook! He is really good at making good food. That sentence really doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it does in my head. There are certain foods that he makes so awesome-- like baking pretty much anything, and things like fajitas. So the other night when we were deciding what to do for dinner and I suggested fajitas I was so pumped when he took it over and made it all. I really do like to cook but lately have had no desire for it. Normally, I will do a weekly menu to plan out our meals but this weekend I hadn't planned anything so it was a bit of clean slate to work with. We accounted for what ingredients we had and went to the store to get what we needed. We spent just over $11 at the store and used probably $3 worth of ingredients at home. So for $14 we had a meal that would easily feed 4 but probably more like 6. And it was so healthy and good!

The main thing that we needed at the store was fresh veggies! We picked up a green bell pepper, red bell pepper, and sweet onion.

Cooked them in olive oil and then added just a bit of fajita seasoning to them and the meat.

Since I didn't do the cooking, I really have no more steps in the process. All I can say is it was delicious and please excuse my pathetic looking pictures.

We did cilantro lime rice-- one of my favorites!!! And yes, that is sour cream oozing out the side. Oozing is a really, really gross word to use when talking about food in general but especially sour cream. Sorry.


it's a ...


We are more than thrilled and are so truly blessed to have a very healthy baby growing! Yesterday we had our mid-way anatomical ultrasound and saw all of the wonderful, working parts of our baby. We also saw that we have a stubborn one who doesn't like to cooperate already (wonder who he gets that from... :) ) We found out that we are having a boy! We are so very excited! Tommy was excited to get a picture of him sucking his thumb-- we have such a cute baby :)


snow snow snow

the beginning of snow at our house! they say 1-4 inches. i'm hoping to be surprised! :)

I LOVE snow! Did I see a lot of last year? Yes. But yet I want MORE! I don't want what we had last year; I'll take a more mellow amount. I want a foot, and I want it when my husband is here! Not when he's away like he was last year. I know I'm very picky and I know that beggars can't be choosers, but I'm hopeful.

So here's to hoping for a foot of snow when I wake up tomorrow!!!


you walk like a duck

How am I supposed to respond to that? So far during my pregnancy, I have heard some ridiculous comments and this goes towards the top of the list. Also at the top "you don't have a pregnant belly, you have a beer belly". Why would you ever say that to anyone??? Pregnant or not?! And that came from one of the cardiologists I work with. I am blown away by the things people say!

This is how today played out:
I was walking down the hall at the hospital going to see my patients and someone walked up behind me and said "wow, you're getting bigger."
me: "yes, I am."
guy: "you're walking different now."
me: "yes, I am."
guy: "you walk like a duck."
me: speechless.


happy sunday

Do you ever really need a weekend? This was one of those times for me. I really just needed some time. Time to get caught up on things, time to spend with the hubs, time to work on my house, time to plan for baby, and time to organize everything in my life (like that could actually happen). But I had to work yesterday, so I felt like I had no time. Rather than pitying myself that I have to go back to work tomorrow, I realized this morning that I must choose to enjoy today. So to you and me, happy sunday! I hope today is long and filled with productivity and rest for you!


a new year

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2011. Can't believe we are already 5 days into this great year. Lots of wonderful things are to come and we are so ready for them here at this home!

Thank you for sticking around and reading the BPS! Thanks for your support, and I promise to give the BPS my best shot this new year.

We were blessed to spend time this New Years with family and good friends. My family came up from Tennessee to visit over the weekend, and we had a wonderful time of hanging out and just being together.

Tommy, me, Mom, Lindsay, Bradley (we're missing Dad here he couldn't make the trip)

As always we had a great time with our sweet friends who cheat at Wii Family Feud-- just sayin.

Hope the New Year is treating you well!

Happy New Year photo credit here