a homecoming to remember

At first I thought about saying something like "I'm not obsessed with my dogs but these pictures are just really cute." But I can't even pretend. I am obsessed, and if you know me then you know it's true. But there are multiple factors that play into my current extra-obsession with them. 1, Tommy was gone, so I got especially closer with the pups as they were keeping me company. B, they've been extra sweet lately. And 3, a lot of what I love about these pictures and them in our lives is watching Tommy interact with them. He is so awesome with them and perhaps I have strong maternal instincts kicking in but I love watching him play with them and love on them, and it makes me so excited to see him with Baby M soon!

So all of that to say that these pictures that I snapped of Tommy coming home from a long business trip perfectly capture the feeling in our house at this time! And that, I love.

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