ten for thursday. {on a friday}

1. I forgot to do this until midnight last night, so I'm pretending it counts today. :)

2. I have been on a cleaning frenzy! I love getting things organized!

3. My nursery is looking awesome. Posts to come.

4. Progress on the house posts to come, too.

5. My guilty pleasure is a really expensive haircut. I quickly learned when we moved here how hard it was to find somewhere to get my hair cut. When I found this place and a stylist who makes my hair look shiny and smooth and awesome, I couldn't pass it up. Even though I pay A LOT. Guilty pleasure.

6. Between the 2 of us, we got 5 parking/camera speeding tickets at the same time! We never get tickets, so this was ridiculously weird. And so annoying! By the way, if you run a red light in DC where they have the cameras the ticket is $150. Seriously! I also maintain that I did not run that red light.

7. I had the most beautiful baby shower on Sunday. I'm so thankful for sweet friends who love us so much and all of the work they do!

8. I'm going to go have a piece of cake from said amazing baby shower, right. now.

9. I like the Office. It cracks me up. Watching last night's episode right now.

10. May is a great month! We have birthdays, graduations, oh and of course not to be forgotten-- Baby Jack's arrival!

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