baby boy update.

We are continually thankful every day that Jack looks good! He is a happy boy, and he is a hungry boy! He has been eating well the past couple of days, and we are thankful for that! He has 2 more doses of antibiotics left--- we are counting down the hours! His lungs sound good. His heart sounds good. He is looking good. He is a strong boy. The plan has been for a Wednesday discharge after his last dose of antibiotics. We have one more hurdle to climb before that can happen though. Last night Jack had 2 episodes where he had desat {oxygen desaturation} alarms go off. He dropped to 72 and 78 at two different times while he was sleeping. This hasn't happened since he first got down to the NICU, so we are hopeful that it was just a freak thing and maybe just him trying to kick off his pulse-ox. We are waiting to hear from the nurse practitioner and neonatologist to see if they are still comfortable with sending him home tomorrow.

So please pray for Jack's oxygen levels to stay high. We need them to stay high today and through the night or else Jack will likely have to stay in the NICU longer for more monitoring.

Jack's first bed in the NICU. He has upgraded to a crib.

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