the food gets better.

Around this time of year the food just gets better. Why? The fresh food is back! It's so exciting to have local produce around, see people growing their gardens, and have a surplus of fresh foods at the grocery store again! Probably not all people find this as exciting as I do, but boy does it put a little extra jump in my step. {Side note: there's a new Whole Foods near Tommy's work that is out of this world! It blows all of Whole Foods out of the water and walking in between the fresh flowers and the abundance of fresh produce makes me cry a little inside in the very best of ways!}

I love that for lunch I can heat up a leftover chicken breast, piece of cheese, and throw tomato slices on top for a quick, easy, fresh, and wonderfully delicious meal!

Tommy left this for me for lunch today-- knowing my love of good food & that I slept for 2 hours last night. He's such a good man!

This is how we're spending our days. Just chillin...

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