cupcakes for sweet girls.

While I was in Tennessee I had the opportunity to make some cupcakes for a bake sale. My sister is a Young Life Capernaum leader, so she does the typical Young Life leader stuff with teens with physical and mental disabilities. She loves it and is very good at it! It's definitely her place in life.

This is my sister, Lindsay.

This is one of her Capernaum girls. They're so sweet, and even though this was the first time I had met this girl she was so loving and cared so much for me, my husband, and our baby.

So the Knoxville Young Life had a rummage sale to raise money and my sister and her girls worked the bake sale. The money they made from the bake sale goes directly to the girls to send them to camp. So I made some cupcakes for the bake sale. I tried my hand at making them pretty, and it so did not work. So this post is more of a "they turned out but sure aren't pretty" kind of post.

I went with chocolate cupcakes and white frosting. The classic combination was so good! And really cupcakes aren't hard to make, but I always forget how long it takes to frost them all.

To me, this is the prettiest picture. I LOVE chocolate!

Here's a plate of somewhat pretty cupcakes.

And here's what I meant by the ugly thing. Don't worry, I didn't take the ones that look like poop on the left side of the picture. Those were the rejects that just had to be eaten by... well, me :)

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