a gardening project.

First off, there's a new look here at The BPS. I like the simplicity of it, and we'll see how it goes. What are your thoughts?


Today was finally Morgan Gardening Day. And by Morgan Gardening Day what I really mean is we got our garden {very small this year} planted. And by we what I really mean is Tommy did the work while I sat in our adirondack chairs "supervising". I did a pretty good job of supervising, if you ask me - I kept the dogs company, I kept Tommy company, I took pictures, and I pointed out where things should go.

So this year because we have many changes in our lives and our family {that would be our little Jack guy} and because we need to make adjustments from last years garden, we have made some changes in our gardening.
  • We cut the size of our garden in half.
  • We bought well-established tomato plants {because we started planting late and because I demand good tomatoes and last year we didn't get many big boys to grow from our smaller plants}.
  • We are sticking with tomatoes and peppers this year- a concentrated effort.
  • We changed the location of our garden to be closer to the house and in a spot that will definitely get more sun!
  • Tommy used our raised garden beds from last year but did some reconstruction to make it a higher bed.

the new location

moving dirt from the old to the new

preparing the new location

Tommy's special helper for the day

building the newer version of the raised beds

just putting the screws in...

still working on the screws because the drill died. yes, he is screwing them in with a plain old manual screw driver

moving the bed over to the new spot. and this was my view throughout this endeavor. i didn't even get up to take the picture but in my defense i am 4 days away from my due date.

filled it with good, rich soil

again with our special helper. she's so handy to have around.

what's going in...

and in the ground!

we also filled 2 planters with veggies - one with peppers and the other with a Better Boy plant!

ps- I told you I took pictures :)

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