ten for thursday.

I told you I am no good at getting into a routine, especially on this blog. I have missed the last 2 weeks of ten for thursday. My sincere apologies for my lack of remembering and following through.

Here we go with another week:

1. I am in a different state.
2. After some chaos and some really quick actions I have been transplanted from Maryland to stay with my family for awhile.
3. Our neighbors are awesome and are staying with our dogs and watching our house. Normally I don't post things online about us being away but the house is in good hands.
4. I insanely miss my dogs! It might be an obsession but they are precious and I miss them! How could I not miss this sweet face?
5. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself these days.
6. 8 weeks until we get to meet our sweet little boy! Cannot believe it. Cannot wait!
7. My brother made a chocolate cake last night- it is delicious!
8. I'm loving making progress on Jack's nursery! So excited to have his room all ready and waiting for him.
9. I saw snow yesterday-- seriously? Hoping that was the last flurry to cross my path until next winter!
10. I'm sitting here typing this as watch the fluid flow, drop by drop, from the bag, into the tubing, and into my arm. Glad to know it's making life better for Baby Jack!

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