a productive weekend.

We've had quite a weekend over here. My amazing husband quickly flew home to be with me Saturday morning at the crack of dawn after I had a bit of a breakdown on Friday. I am now on IV fluids and medicines for my nausea/vomiting. It's helping a lot! I feel a lot better after a few days of this. I also feel a lot better with my husband taking care of me. What I haven't shared here before is that he has been spending a chunk of time away for work, and by a chunk of time, I mean 3 months. It has been rough! Especially with so many challenges throughout this pregnancy. But we are nearing the end of Tommy away and this pregnancy! So excited to meet this guy!

So anyway, with this extra time we had together this weekend we did a lot of IV-ing it up. He hooked up my meds, my fluids, cleaned my IV site, and brought me lots of food and drinks. Such a good man I have! :) We also worked on Baby Jack's room! It is looking so good! Here's a sneak peek picture-- but really it's VERY IN PROGRESS!

And we of course had lots of puppy time!

Look at my talented boy! He fetches the paper.

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