ten for thursday.

One of my favorite things when reading blogs is learning more about the people writing them. I like seeing people share more about themselves and open up, and I hope to do that here. So in an attempt to share more, and expand my own thoughts, and get some regularity going on this blog I am introducing ten for thursday. Every Thursday I will try to share a list of 10 random thoughts, things about me, totally useless facts. I do not promise interesting information-- consider this fair warning. So here goes round 1...

1. If we lived in another city {specifically good ol' Knoxville} I know exactly what I would do for a living/my free time/my new hobby.

2. The exactly what I would do is flowers! I know nothing about flowers now but think I would love it and love to learn! Why do I need to live in Knoxville for that? That's where the best is! Lisa Foster is amazing at what she does! She did the flowers in our wedding, and they couldn't have been more beautiful or perfectly what I wanted! Her blog is great, too!

Look at those gorgeous flowers!!!

I love how the orange just pops!

I love this picture with my husband! The flowers are pretty, too :)

3. Today is so rainy. Hasn't stopped all day. My dogs are restless.

4. Speaking of restless, I am on bedrest. Not the dream I always thought it would be.

5. I am getting really really pumped for Baby Jack's arrival!

6. Speaking of his arrival, his nursery is in progress. Pictures tomorrow--- emphasis on the IN PROGRESS part.

7. My house is a disaster. I hate to admit because I wish I had a perfectly kept and beautiful home, but I don't. Especially not now with the bedrest and all.

8. I could really go for some chocolate chip cookies today.

9. My baby likes sweets! Not my fault that I need to eat so many sweets :) It's for the baby :)

10. I'm writing thank you notes today for some sweet gifts I got while in Knoxville. I love writing thank you notes! It's so fun and something I really enjoy.

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