amazing beef sliders.

During the last 7 months I have hardly cooked at all. A random meal here or there is the best I've come up with. This has been a rough pregnancy, and I have let cooking go by the wayside. Now that I have some more time on my hands I am excited to get back to cooking! This weekend I kicked it off with an awesome recipe from Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen.

I'm out of practice so I don't have pictures of the process {because I forgot to take them} but the finished picture is awesome enough. This was easy to make, very delicious, and full of incredible flavor! I highly, highly recommend this meal!

All it took was putting the beef in the crockpot and then 8 hours later we used 2 cups of the cooking juices to make a sauce and mixed up the slaw. One bit of advice-- I am not good at shredding stuff, so when I bought a whole cabbage thinking it would be fine for me to shred, I was somewhat mistaken. I'm sure I am just a bit lazy, as it's not that hard to shred cabbage, but for the future I will buy shredded cabbage. I bought shredded carrots and they look nice! My slaw is more liquid than it should be, I think, so next time I will also add more vegetables in. The apples in the slaw made for an amazingly delightful crunch surprise.

I loved the way the beef, sauce, and slaw all tasted together. The texture combinations were perfect! The flavors amazing. This was one of those dishes that was just screaming with flavor and had so much pop to it! Yum!

Our delicious dinner!

Recipe for Shredded Beef Sliders with Carrot Apple Slaw can be found here.

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