healthy with a side of ice cream.

If you were a Registered Dietitian, what would be one of your nightmares?

I think I'm living it. Ok, that's dramatic. No need to be so extreme. But seriously, it's hard. I am in the home stretch-ishness (wow, made that up) of my pregnancy and what has returned? The sickness! I am so sick! I am so nauseous, I randomly throw up, and have generally no appetite. Guess what I particularly don't have an appetite for? Pretty much anything healthy. In the last couple of weeks I every "good and healthy" meal that I have had, or I guess should say attempted, has come back up. I have seriously resorted to eating ice cream as a main staple of my diet now. That probably explains why I don't have much weight loss for all of this vomiting and not eating. Things will get better; I know they will!

In the meantime, I am frustrated. While I am certainly one of the least healthy RDs out there (meaning I seriously value my chocolate) I have really missed eating and living a healthy lifestyle through my diet. Early in my pregnancy I was repulsed by most fresh fruits and vegetables. Seriously repulsed. Around 25 weeks that improved and I spent a few weeks eating salads and enjoying some fruits and vegetables again. Now that is gone, and I'm back to just getting by. On ice cream. I'm excited to move beyond this, and I think getting some good meds in me and some fluids will help. Thank you Dr. for understanding how miserable I feel and doing something to fix it! Ultimately, I want this little guy to be healthy and strong, and then beyond that I am so excited to get back to my old ways of eating :) Healthy with a side of ice cream.


  1. Oh no I'm so sorry! But...I approve of the ice cream! :)

  2. Thanks girl! If I had your talent I would totally be whipping up some amazing desserts and chowing down!