blender blender.

I really want a blender! We don't have a blender. When we got married we got so much wonderful, amazing stuff for our new home. We got a lot of kitchen stuff, including my all-time favorite, the glorious Kitchen-Aid Mixer. The thing I never thought about was a blender. I guess I didn't really use a blender that much before.

Product Image KitchenAid 56-oz. Polycarbonate 5-Speed Blender - Empire Red


This shiny red beauty would go quite nicely in my kitchen! I do believe it perfectly matches my mixer and food processor! However, it's also a pretty penny, so I will probably go with a nice, simple $30-40 one. {If I get one}

What would I do with my blender, you ask?

1. Milkshakes
I know as a Registered Dietitian this should not be my #1 on the list, but this pregnant lady
thing trumps RD thing right now. And pregnancy says "ya for milkshakes!"

2. Smoothies
Yummy yummy yummy I have fruit in my tummy. {Excuse my weirdness} I imagine that
I would make delicious smoothies full of fruit and milk and yogurt. Hooray for calcium!

3. What else could I make with my blender? What do you do with a blender?

The blender picture and information can be found here.

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  1. I use my blender just about every day. What I don't have is a kitchen aid mixer...and I'd be lying if I said I didn't dream about it. :)