ten for thursday.

1. less than one month to go. 'nough said.

2. watching the last episode with Michael Scott on the Office made me kind of sad.

3. it's been really hot this week and while i'm not complaining about beautiful spring, i am super hot! like acting like it's the dead of summer hot.

4. did you know that our house does not have air conditioning? yeah...

5. husband installed the car seat this week. pretty excellent!

6. i had a moment of strong conviction today as i was driving around Rockville. we live in such a unique place where people are so well off & yet at the same time there are homeless people at every red light. i watched a guy dig through an outside McDonald's trash can for food, and it was devastating to watch. scared but interested for opportunities to make a difference in this city.

7. we are a one car family, and i love it!

8. still lovin this breakfast.

9. this house is turned upside down as i'm rearranging pretty much every room in the house. it would be nice if i picked one room and stuck with it. apparently that's not my methodology.

10. i LOVE a freshly made bed with clean sheets, and that is where i am going right NOW!

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