my new favorite.

My new favorite breakfast was discovered today! I love oatmeal but truth is usually when I eat oatmeal I load it with brown sugar! I like it to be sweet and brown sugar in oatmeal is as sweet as it gets. The healthiest option? No. Obviously the oatmeal is good, and it's a great easy breakfast but I don't need that much sugar. Not to mention that soon I will be working on losing a good bit of weight, so I will definitely be looking to cut out the sugar.

The solution to my oatmeal woes...

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal.

Please know that I am aware that I did not invent this breakfast. And I by no means claim that I did. I just simply made it for the first time, it works for me, and I love it!

How to do it:

1. Cut up an apple.
I used a granny smith this morning and it was perfect with its tartness

2. Put apple slices in bowl & sprinkle with cinnamon.

3. Put bowl in microwave.
I'm still not sure exactly how long this should be done for. This morning was 1 minute, 44
seconds (because I NEVER microwave something for a plain old boring number, like 1 1/2
or 2 mins. but that's a post for another day)

4. Prepare oatmeal.
Again for me this involves 1 min., 44 seconds in the microwave

5. Put apples on top of oatmeal, let cool (mine was SO hot!), and enjoy!!!

ps - did I mention how nutritious this is? ohh yeah! fiber, serving of fruit, whole grains. seriously amazing breakfast!

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