the monday after.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter and a blessed weekend. What a sweet time of celebration! We had a low-key weekend. The high pollen count officially kicked off allergies in the Morgan household. Husband was down for the count on Thursday night and remained pretty down throughout the weekend. It's sad watching him suffer with allergies--- he is pitiful.

We were somewhat productive, too, though squeezing in some outdoor beautification {pictures to come}. We played with puppies a lot. And we got to attend a lovely service at our church yesterday morning to celebrate that Christ is Risen!

I know all of the Easter posts were yesterday, but I'm doing one today. Because today, as just an ordinary day, I find it harder to celebrate. It's a Monday. The weekend is over. The food and celebrating is over. But really, it shouldn't be. Because we are forever changed by Easter and given new life and that is worth celebrating, worth living for, worth remembering every day.

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