chocolate chip cookie cream wich.

Nothing like a little mid-week dessert. Actually, I don't think Tuesday counts as mid-week, but it feels really mid-week to me so I'm counting it and made a big dessert to keep on. Also, I wanted to see how many times I could get mid-week into this post.

So today I had a post-dinner "need" for some dessert and because I'm lazy I needed it to be easy. Enter the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. Simple and easy as can be.

1. Make the cookies
*Well to be truthful, I pretty much skipped this step. I had some cookie dough in the
fridge so I didn't have to do any "making" of cookies.

2. Bake the cookies

3. Allow the cookies to cool
*This goes best if you put the cookies on a cookie rack to cool. It's always helpful to have
air going under the cookies too. My husband informs me that this is a principle of science
and can easily explain to me why. I, however, cannot repeat that explanation to you. I
listen though, I promise :)

4. Scoop ice cream onto one of the cookies and sandwich it
*I choose vanilla but you could be bold and mix it up!

5. Put in freezer to harden a bit
*I got antsy so I only left mine in the freezer for like 30 minutes and it was fine.

6. Top as you like!
*These can be versatile. A straight up ice cream cookie sandwich if you like. Or you can
build it up and make it the works. I went with chocolate syrup and whip cream because
you can't go wrong with either of those.

And... Enjoy!

ps - please forgive my incredible over-simplification of this already super simple dessert. i'm a weird one :)

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