A New Direction... A Focus

Yesterday I was at the DC Metro Area Dietetic Association's Annual Meeting. It was my first time attending, and it was a great day full of fun, nutrition, food, and lots and lots of information. This years theme was "Growing Good Nutrition". As I sat through the first 2 sessions in the morning I had every intention to write a wrap-up post highlighting all of the great things I heard, but then I got off track when a former Biggest Loser participant showed up! I know, right?? I am a big fan of the Biggest Loser (it's my guilty pleasure), and I know it can be rather controversial and maybe some time I will discuss my views on the nutrition aspect of it but I will tell you here in just a few sentences why it is that I love the show.

So of course I had my picture taken with him!

This is Bernie Salazar from BL Season 5, and he was the at home winner!! On the left is one of my fellow interns CV, and there I am on the right having a wicked bad hair day.

So part of my excitement comes from meeting a BL contestant but really, as happens most days, what I started thinking about as an important nutrition topic totally shifted when I met this guy. He repeatedly stated that he is just so thankful that he has his life back and that he can live, run, be active, be healthy, and find who he truly is without his previous identity of hiding behind his weight. He is active, active, active, I tell ya! And he is just one example. One example of many who come to learn how great life can be when they are active, healthy, and appreciate good, nutritious food.

This is why I enjoy watching BL. I LOVE to see the change. I love to watch when people are at their breaking point (we can all understand. we've all been there just with our issue). I love to watch as they are skeptical, to accepting, to truly finding joy in their new, healthy lifestyle. It's not just about the weight loss. Yes, with the weight loss they are able to do so many more things than they could before, and they are improving their health, but to me, what I love to see if the transformation of the mindset to a HEALTHY LIFE. Rather than thinking about nutritious foods being gross they see them in a new light, learn how to prepare them properly, and enjoy them! Their mindset shifts from "only bad foods taste good" and that is so exciting for me to see! And again I am reminded in a new light of why I have a passion and love to share my passion with others.

While on this topic, I have been thinking a lot about my blog and the direction that I am trying to go. As I find more and more wonderful food and nutrition blogs, I have realized I want to be in this realm of the blog-world. So, while I have mostly been talking about food and some nutrition issues, I am going to focus on it more from her on. Of course, nutrition is a HUGE field so that gives me lots of freedom! :) Like still talking about my garden! So while I do love sharing about all of our crazy home projects, I am going to reign that in (unless it relates to nutrition ;) ) So I hope you will enjoy reading and find interesting, accurate, and useful nutrition-related information, musings, and the like.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!


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