How the compost bin was built

Going back a step or two I wanted to share the details of building our compost bin.

It was so easy. Of course, I didn't build it :) My husband did ALL the work, so of course it was easy for me!

When we moved into our house there was a lot of STUFF left behind. Lots of trash, lots of really old stuff, but some things that were treasures. I have been able to salvage a few pieces of furniture, which has been great. But also, they left behind a lot of wood. Tommy gathered up the scrap and leftover wood & built our compost 100% out of it.

We had seen some bins like this one and wanted one.

But they're like $200+ at Costco, so we like our free version.

Tommy working hard putting it together. Of course, he really enjoyed it.

This is definitely me taking a picture from inside the house while he was out there working.

The almost-finished product. He stapled the plastic onto the top piece so we don't have to keep the wood pieces on there for hold it on. Classy, we are.

And the inside. Lots of grass clippings and I just dumped a scrumptious pile of coffee grounds, potato peels, strawberry tops. Yum...

Pictures: 1st picture is from http://compostbin.blogspot.com/2009/04/99-costco-compost-tumbler.html
the rest are mine.

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