Composting... What's it about?

I mentioned yesterday that I would share today about our germinating seeds for the garden. Well, today was super rainy so I couldn't get out and take any pictures. So, we will have to talk about that another, sunny day.

I thought instead I would share more about our composting adventure. We're new to this and trying to learn all we can.

How cute is this little guy??
(found at: http://momgoinggreen.wordpress.com/2009/06/05/greener-future-fridays-composting-101/)

This article has a great explanation of landfills & reinforces why we're composting. While I wish I could say that we are super environmentally conscious people, we are not. We started our compost for other reasons but this article helps us to remember how important it is.

This chart is a great and simple example of what we put in:

(Also found at: http://momgoinggreen.wordpress.com/2009/06/05/greener-future-fridays-composting-101/)

Composting is fun! What a great way to teach kids many lessons too!

Have you tried composting with kids?? If yes, what do they think?

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