McDonald's... seriously

Last night we had McDonald's for dinner for the first time in a long long time! I mean years. We don't eat Mcky-D's (how to spell??) often because we prefer to eat home cooked meals from fresh foods, but last night was different. We were part of a scavenger hunt with some teenagers & our assigned "hideout" was a local McDonald's. So we took the opportunity to spend time with these kids we enjoy & see what McDonald's is up to.

I like to know about fast food places and where they're at because I feel that is how I can share a lot of valuable information with patients/clients. See, I don't eat McDonald's or fast food but my patients and clients DO. Therefore, if I go on and on about how it is bad for you then I lose their trust, respect, and can do them no good. So I find out what they like to eat, we look at menus and figure out the BETTER CHOICES.

There were several things I was excited about at McD's last night.

1. They posted a nutrition label on the fries.
This may be old news that is just new to me but I thought this was great! It's all right there in front you for your information!

These are my sad attempts of picture-taking from my cell phone. I'm working on getting a smartphone :)

2. Promoting Vitamin D to kids!
I was shocked to see a window sticker that was promoting milk with a kids meal by emphasizing the importance of vitamin D. "Vitamin D-licious" anyone??

3. Allergy Awareness!
You know I LOVE this one! I love that you can look on McDonald's website to find every single ingredient with allergy notation! I love that I got chicken strips, which I knew were safe for me because I looked online at the ingredients ahead of time, and then I got sauce to dip them in that had the ingredients listed on the packaging. Safe! I LOVE it!

Want nutrition facts from McDonald's?? Find it here.

*I am not sponsored or in any way paid by McDonald's. Just as my first visit there in years I was very intrigued by the nutrition aspects and wanted to share.

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