It's That Time of Day Again...

What time of day, you might ask? Time to start preparing for dinner. There are some days where I am prepared, motivated, and excited to cook, but then there are days like today...

Days where this is calling my name:

Obviously I cannot even pretend this is my living room, especially with the Pottery Barn text right across the picture. But oh how I wish it was. http://www.potterybarn.com

Days where taking pictures like this seems more important:

These 2 have taken over our bed. But speaking of being tired, that does look comfortable.

Day where I am dreaming of this:

Wild Dunes, Charlestown, SC
See more of this fantastic place HERE!

I have heard so many people express their desire for spring and I am right there with them all! I cannot wait to use our new grill! The first warm weekend we have I will be blogging about the best meal we've had in a long time that was cooked on our grill.

Looking forward to these days...

For today I will try to be content with where we are and I might just have mac and cheese for dinner. Yes, I do eat mac and cheese sometimes. I know...

Happy Wednesday to all!

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