Food Safety First

I am a huge fan of food safety! Really, I think most of us are-- no one wants to get sick from their food, or find a hair, or another foreign body in their dish...

But some of us are more vocal fans of food safety, and I am one of those people. I have always liked "clean". As a child, yes a child, I struggled with some serious OCD issues pertaining to "germs". I washed my hands a lot. Glad to say that I was able to channel that phobia-ness into a productive, healthy (although maybe slightly over the top) interest in food safety.

I wanted to go over a few basics today. I did not own a food thermometer until last fall! And now I couldn't go without one! I LOVE it! It is so easy to use and now I know for sure that I am cooking my meat, poultry, whatever to the safe temperature.

Get a thermometer... and then USE IT!

I used it with our chicken the other night. You want to be sure you cook poultry to 165degrees! Watch for that reading!

Then you can enjoy a safe, delicious, and nutritious meal!! :)

Take care! Tomorrow I am probably going to share some home improvement projects.... yes, we've been busy!

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