think small.

In light of yesterday's post on how inappropriate the tube feeding diet is, I thought I would do some posts of appropriate ways to go about weight loss.  If you read yesterday, then you know tube feeding should not equal dieting.  A good way to go about weight loss is to think small and realistic.  These are some of the biggest things to successful weight loss, in my eyes.

I like to tell people to make small changes that are realistic.  For instance, if you drink soda all day- don't say you are never going to drink soda again.  That's just not going to happen.  But maybe you could cut down the number of sodas you drink each day.  We all like for change to happen big, especially when it comes to weight loss, but that's not how successful weight loss happens.  If you eat out for dinner and eating out is what you enjoy, don't give it up.  Yes, eating at home is typically healthier, but if you aren't going to do it then don't kid yourself.  But do make healthy choices while eating out [which is another post in and of itself].

These are just two very brief examples of small, realistic changes.  To some people they may seem to small, but they do add up when they are followed.  Once you get the hang of your first small change, you can take the next step to a bigger change and implement that in your life.  It's exciting to conquer small changes!  They provide motivation on the long journey that is weight loss.

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