easter love.

I have a serious number of pictures from yesterday.  We had such a wonderful Easter.  It was so much fun celebrating Easter with Jack, and we look forward to when he is old enough to know and understand why this day is so amazing! I was going to only put up a few pictures, but decided to add many more for a few special Jack-lovers out there [Ms. Maureen and Julia].

 J-Baby's first Easter basket.  

 I love spring flowers!  

 Family shot. 

 Family shot.  

 Ohh I could eat him up.  

 My picture editing software got deleted, so I can't figure out how to flip my photos right now.  But I love this one!  And I think he kind of looks like an old-fashioned ice cream man.  Or Colonel Sanders, according to my brother.  

 Silly siblings.  

 He was so excited about yesterday, he finally slept on the walk.  But it was against his will, if he'd had his way he would have been up all day celebrating!  

 I think I love this puppy.  

 He's recently started scrunching up his nose when he's happy or laughing.  Apparently I did the same thing when I was his age per some pictures we recently found.  Looks pretty cute on him though.  

 Yes, I do love this puppy.  

 I love Easter!  

Hope everyone had a very blessed Easter!

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