Jack's first fail-- his hearing test.

We had some rough news confirmed today as we found out that Jack has hearing loss in his left ear.  His diagnosis is conductive hearing loss, and we are so hopeful that it is only temporary.  He has fluid behind the ear drum of his left ear, so the hope is that the fluid is the cause of the hearing loss and once we take care of the fluid the hearing will improve.  There's a chance it won't, because he was on some pretty potent medications when he was so sick and in the NICU after his birth.  But we trust it is something that can be healed and was caused by chronic ear infections and fluid.  At this point his right is normal but he hears nothing out of his left ear. 

We saw an audiologist today and then our pediatrician to confirm the presence of fluid.  Next week we will see an ear, nose, and throat doc where we have been told they will most likely suggest tubes.  It makes me so nervous to think about our little man having surgery, but it's an easy procedure and we hope that it will bring him much relief and healing.  Lots of hope will accompany that surgery.

I'm sad for my little man.  Sad that he can't hear as well as he could, sad that he's had so many infections so early in his life, and sad that his head must have been feeling pretty messed up for awhile with all that pressure built up.  My ears were clogged up last week when I had a bad cold, and I was miserable [everyone around me knew it too- I was not shy about  my misery. but our little guy is so happy.  sweet, sweet boy].  I'm so hopeful for medical interventions that can bring healing!  So thankful for healing hands, and mostly for our Father's Healing Hands, which have healed me, too.

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