the good the bad and the dairy.

June is National Dairy Month.  That makes some of us excited!  But lately, I've been feelin' bad for dairy because dairy's gettin' a bad rap.  People are running around saying how dairy is bad for our bodies and we should stay away.  A common question I get as a dietitian-- back when I worked professionally in a hospital and now when people find out that I'm an RD-- is "why is dairy bad?"

I've never been someone who's strong suit is gentleness.  So I manage to bite my tongue long enough to gain some composure, before answering [in a long-winded way] why dairy isn't bad.  Some people think dairy can slow down our bodies and that we weren't intended to eat cow products in the first place.  There are several common diets and "fad" diets out there that recommend avoiding dairy.  They make claims that dairy products pass on hormones, antibiotics, and all kinds of chemicals that our bodies don't need.  We could have a long discussion on this, along with ethics, farming practices, and the works but that's not what I'm getting at today.  Today I want to share that I think dairy is an important part of our diets.  If you don't, that's ok, let's still be friends.  Just know if you ASK my opinion, I will share with you that I think dairy is OK.  That I feed my toddler dairy every day.  Like ANYTHING it needs to be consumed in moderation or else you will quickly fill up on fat.

Here are some of the good things about dairy:  

-  good source of calcium which is important for bone health and our teeth  [dairy is the best source of calcium] 
-  good source of vitamin D which in necessary for the processing of calcium 
-  good source of potassium
-  good source of protein 
-  studies have shown dairy intake is linked to better cardiovascular health as well as improved weight loss

*In all fairness, there are a lot of points that I have left out of this short blog post that are presented well by people on both sides of this issue.  This is my opinion as an individual, mom, and dietitian-- that doesn't mean my opinion is right for everyone. 

drinkin milk, eatin cheese  

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