giving up on good: my phone.

I'm linking up with this lovely blog today to talk about one of the ways I'm giving up on something good to make room for other good things.  As we all know, too much good gets to be a bad thing.

I'm giving up on my cell phone.  Not entirely- I still use it often.  I still text and I still call people and sometimes I will even answer a call.  But for me, texting someone right back and answering every call takes up way too much of my time with my sweet boy during the day and my sweet husband in the evenings.  I LOVE talking to people and staying connected with them.  I WISH I was someone who you could easily get in touch with.  I WANT people to think "Oh, Lauren's so good at getting back to me.  She always answers my calls."  But the truth is, that stresses me out just thinking about it.  [No, I don't get that many calls or texts during the day, by the way.  This makes me sound like I have tons of people talking to me.  I don't.  I'm just not good at responding whether it's one person or 3.]

I often don't even keep my cell phone on me.  I'll find it hours later and find that I've missed 3 calls from my husband.  This drives him crazy.  Or I'll wake up in the morning with that panicked feeling because I forgot to text someone back the day before.  It's happened often, and I hate that feeling.  So I'm giving myself permission to be OK with being bad at communicating.  I want to spend my days focused on my babe, not attached to my phone.  My one year old picks up our phones and holds them to his ear like he's talking on them.  If that's not a wake up call, I don't know what is. 

image from: The Tiny Twig 


*Please still text me and call me.  I will answer you-- maybe not right away but at some point-- I promise! 


  1. this is inspiring! I am trying to give up on my desire to "respond" to everyone's texts/emails/phone calls immediately. Our culture can be so wrapped up in immediate gratification, and I can be the worst offender!

  2. thanks so much, Sam! i really appreciate your comment. i, too, am one of the worst at it!