new look.

A short while back I asked you to check out my new blog, and thank you for doing that.  I've changed my mind--- which is probably of no surprise to anyone and am sticking with The BP Special.  My original line of thinking was to do more personal stuff on this blog and nutrition and healthy eating stuff on the other one, but why not do both here?  Hopefully, I can strike a balance.  So I'm bringing the few posts from Meal Tweaking over here and we're becoming one big happy blog [not really any different than it was but hopefully with more food and nutrition].

Along those lines, I have a new look and I'm really liking the mellowness of it.  I'm adding the ability to follow, so if you feel so inclined to join me on here, I would it!  I've had people suggest before that I add an email option, so you can now sign up to get posts sent to your email.  Mostly, I'm just so thankful you're here reading, and I hope I can give some help/inspiration/encouragement to you when it comes to healthy eating and nutrition.  If not, I can definitely provide some super cute baby pictures.

Speaking of which, my baby is 10 months old today!  How can this be?  Seems like only yesterday he was a critically sick newborn fighting for his life in the NICU.  Today he is healthy, happy, thriving, and his third tooth has broken through (YAAA!).  We are so thankful, so blessed.  Happy 10 months to our Jack Jack!

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