mud mud everywhere and progress being made.

Our backyard got really muddy really quickly once it started raining after we moved in.  It wouldn't be such an issue if it weren't for pup 1 and pup 2.  Once pup 1 lost her white coloring and pup 2 [our golden/lab retriever] turned into a chocolate lab we knew we had to take action pretty quickly to eliminate the muddy backyard.  Tommy was pretty bummed out because we bought this house on the premise of not having to do any work, but I reminded him that's just not us.  He dreamed up/engineered out his plan and got to work.

Our backyard before 

He has no problem with the mud-- we're the ones with the problem.  And the green stuff was Tommy's first attempt at fixing the problem.  He tried to plant seed and used this stuff on top of it. 

Again, Eli loves the mud.  Tommy is progress. 

A ton of rock! 

Seriously, so much rock. 

The mud.  So much mud. 

Tommy tilled up this pathway.  This is where the water seems to puddle and the path we guessed the dogs would take the most, so we are turning this whole area into a pebble walkway.  Tommy tilled up this section of the yard to prepare it. 

Then he rented this awesome machine [which saved him so so much time and energy] to remove the mud.  It's still in our yard, just in a different location.  He took all of the extra mud and dirt out of this pathway and leveled it down. 

Just another shot of him bein' boss with the machine. 

Seriously couldn't have done this project without these guys.  My brother and his friend helped us immensely with this project!  And of course, we had record breaking heat days while they were hauling rock and digging trenches.  85 degrees in March-- yeah, that would happen while we're doing this project.  Bradley and Bradford, so much thanks to y'all!  We would be sittin in mud if it weren't for you.  Did I mention they're on spring break right now, too?  Yeah, they're great guys!  

I have no afters yet.  It's looking awesome and so far we are so pleased, but it's not done.  So I'll be sharing those later-- probably after the weekend.  The hubs needs to go to work and sleep at night, so I'm encouraging him to wait a few days before finishing this up. 

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