catch up.

So much happening over here.  Since I last posted, we have officially closed a house in Maryland!  Wow!  And we are now in closing week for our house here in Tennessee!!  We close on Friday and are so thrilled and feeling so blessed beyond measure.  Really excited to have a place for our own family, but also feeling so thankful for our family who has housed us and loved on us so much during the last four months.  This whole process, as trying as it's been, would have been truly awful without their support.  So thank you to our sweet family!

Meanwhile, Jack Jack is on his 4th ear infection since 4 months.  Wow, saying that makes me tired.  Bless his sweet heart.  The bacteria seems to be resistant to 2 different antibiotics and maybe a third.  We've been at the pediatrician a lot.  Also, praise that he does not have an obstruction in his intestines or twisted intestines!  We were afraid of that last week for a brief moment-- thankfully, it's just poop.  But our poor boy is backed up in a bad way so we are trying to get him to drink juice like crazy and mix it with Miralax.  He's onto us...  Aside from all this he is incredibly awesome and my heart breaks when he's hurting.  Some pictures from the past few weeks...  

One of those days.  Neither of us look too happy here.  And I do have sweet potatoes all over me- there was a sweet potato revolt, to put it mildly. 

Snuggling with Nan, trying to get this boy to drink some juice! 

Bathtime with Grandma!  This boy loves a good bath. 

Wearing his Great-Grandfather's cap while practicing walking. 

A lot of teething lately.  I'm expecting to see something break through-- soon, I hope! 
Jack's favorite new game.  Nothing like playin with Daddy. 

He carries these balls around with him everywhere. 


  1. I swear, each picture is cuter than the last. How is that possible?! =)

    Love and miss you all,
    ~ Timothy

    1. Thanks Timothy, I wonder that every day! We're pretty crazy about the little guy. We all miss you very much! Hope you're very well! much love!