I woke up this morning so expectant, so excited about this time in our lives.  Today is closing-eve!  Tomorrow we close on our very own house.  It is such a sweet thing and something we appreciate so much  more now than we did before.  It's not just a house.  This is a new place where our family will dwell.  We will make it our own, and we will be thankful each day how God has blessed us with this place.  A lot of things had to line up for everything to work out so well, and God took care of all of them-- including selling our house in one of the worst markets!

In our new place I hope to have so many sweet memories with my family.  I hope to love people well at our new place and be a welcoming home.  We are so enjoying our Jack- we always do- but my goodness 9 months is a really, really fun age!  And I hope to do so much more enjoying of my sweet family in our new home.  Pictures to come soon!  Until then, I've been scanning Pinterest looking for inspiration.  

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