trouble sleeping leads to reflecting.

Lately I've been having trouble sleeping.  Lots of reasons for this...  a baby who has trouble sleeping sometimes, a wandering mind, too many questions, and probably a lot less faith than I should have.  Last night I was up about 2:30 am, got Jack back to sleep and then could not go back to sleep myself.  I definitely had a middle of the night encounter with God -- there's no way I could think so clearly at that time of night on my own.  I was reminded to enjoy this season of waiting.  I'm so anxious to be on to the next thing, to sell our house, to buy a new one, to see where life has us in 6 months, but last night I was taught an important lesson.  Live and enjoy and praise in the waiting.  The new will come -- enjoy this "before" time.

So in my new perspective today I thought I'd do a little reflecting on how different our lives are now than they were six months ago, and we NEVER could have imagined this!  It is much richer than we could have dreamed up.

Our sweet, sweet Jack with his precious facial expressions from the beginning.  Jack at 6 weeks. 

July 2011 -- Jack at 6 weeks 

September 2011 -- Jack at 3 months and the personality is growing. 

Thanksgiving weekend 2011 -- Jack at 6 months and quite a stud in his baby suit.  

Tommy and I are so blessed and are so thankful for where we are.  Excited to enjoy this time.  Excited to be where we are.  Excited for the new to come.

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