step one.

While I'm not boycotting sweets and treats yet-- it isn't even Christmas yet, I'm not the Grinch, I am getting pretty tired of eating so poorly.  I know it would be unrealistic for me to say No More Sweets right now, so my step one is to add fiber.

Every good diet needs fiber.  One of my college professors loved to say, "fiber is your best friend".  Fiber does a lot of good for a lot of body systems.  Fiber even helps fight against diabetes.  Pretty great if you ask me.  I am going to increase my fiber intake to start getting on track with a healthier diet.   Lasting changes don't happen over night, and I know that.  So I will start with fiber.  I know by having a goal of getting more fiber I will automatically increase my intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  I never recommend for anyone to jump-kick their fiber intake overnight-- that'd be rough!  Also, I am a huge fan of getting fiber from foods rather than fiber supplements.  Fiber from supplements does not have all the same benefits as fiber from food.

That's my step one. Sorry my post is so full of words and no pictures. 

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