those Christmas sweets.

I'm getting a little nutrition motivation back-- thank goodness!  My mind needs it but more importantly my body needs it!  I usually tend to avoid the holiday season weight gain and excess sweet consumption problem because of my food allergies.  At parties and dinners and get-togethers I avoid desserts because of my no-eating-dessert-out-because-it's-too-risky policy.  I am still doing that; however, there has been a lot of baking going on here at mom's house.  She is giving such a sweet gift to her employees of homemade goodies, and I have been munching on every thing she has made!  Cookies, cookie dough, peppermint bark...

Chocolate chip cookies 

Peppermint bark 

My body is starting to revolt...  need. healthy. food.  Still struggling with finding good foods and a good schedule for eating with sweet baby around.  Not wanting to gain back all that weight I just lost.  I will be working on getting a good basic meal plan together with lots of healthy options, and I will be back to share them!

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