What a glorious time celebrating our Savior's birth!  It was so wonderful to be around our family.  So nice to be here, to live here, and to get to be immersed in time with them.  Loved being able to sit back and relax without thinking that we would have to leave in a few days.  Again, lovin being back in Knoxville!

Christmas was so sweet having Jack with us this year!  He brought more smiles and child-like spirits to the celebration of our Lord.  It's a wonderful thing to see grown-ups get down on the floor and play and be so silly.  Love that God reminds us to be child-like.

We ate so many delicious meals.

We played and talked and laughed and hugged and kissed Baby Jack again and again and again.  Such celebration. 


 Wishing you all had a beautiful Christmas!

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