today's challenge

Today I am going to Target. Target is my favorite place and my arch enemy. I cannot go to Target and buy one thing or 2 things, or 10 things. It's ridiculous. Today I am determined. I am determined to spend less than $30 on groceries that will get us meals for tonight, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The beginning of the week has been crazy so I didn't have a full meal plan. We had leftover Minestrone soup from my in-laws on Monday and Tuesday. I love this soup so much! It was so nice to have a delicious dinner that I didn't have to cook! :)

Rest of the week's menu:

Farmhouse BBQ Muffins (my mom's recipe)
Green Beans

Petro Night!

Bean burrito/taco/make your own night
7 layer taco dip


Less than $30! That's the goal...

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