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If anyone is still reading my blog, thank you. I know it's been a long long long time since I have posted anything. I, like most people I think, took some time to evaluate my blog and the time I was spending reading and writing (although a lot more reading than writing as you can tell) blogs. I miss it. I miss being in the blog world. I miss sharing things and learning things and want back in. So I'm back and ready to take on the challenge of improving this blog.

A few updates on life first...

Tommy and I are so blessed and happy to announce that we will be expecting our first little baby in May! I am 15 weeks and we are trucking along getting more and more excited for our new addition to the family. We are so thankful for this blessing and cannot wait to see how we grow and how our lives change as a new family.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We spent the holiday in Tennessee for a much needed and extra much enjoyed vacation and time with family. It could not have been a better time. My only complaint is that it went by way too fast!

A mess. We moved 4 of the rooms in our house around and are still trying to get afloat from that craziness. It was a good decision and works well for us but who knew it would be so challenging. On top of that we have lots of unpacking to do (still) from the trip to Tennessee. And I have not gotten out one Christmas decoration yet. But tomorrow's the day! We are hoping to get our tree tomorrow.

I am learning a lot about the direction that I want to go as a dietitian. Working in a clinical setting is something that I have always wanted to do, but it's not living up to the dream. It is a fine job that I am thankful for but not what I had envisioned. I am glad that I am learning this now, and I'm glad that I am getting clinical experience. Thinking lots of thoughts for where I want to be in May and after Baby Morgan arrives, as well as long-term. Working on thinking outside of the box.

I think that is all for now. I'm on a new mission that you will be seeing a lot of on this blog. Cheap groceries. I go through phases but I mean this one :) I want to see if we can really spend under $40 a week on groceries. ??? I don't know if it can happen but it's my new challenge. I know the keys will be menu planning and grocery list making and not going to Target because I spend $1.6 million EVERY time I go there!

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