tecnically speaking

So one of the good things about a new week is a new chance to try to spend less than $30 on groceries. I think the only way that I can successfully do this is to stay away from all stores. Makes sense, right?

Here's the deal: technically, we've already spent beyond $30 in groceries this week. Sunday we stopped at the grocery store for a few items that turned into $21. Secondly my husband decided he wanted to scoop up the last of the fresh apples from our local farm to freeze and enter a dessert contest. One box of fresh apples = $18. So while that shouldn't really count as our groceries for the week, we spent the money this week. How does that work? Anyone who's done this before have suggestions? And what do you do for those things that you have to buy but last a long time-- like corn starch, flour, etc. Do they count in your weekly $30?? I need help please!!

ps Happy Wednesday!

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