a different kind of Christmas

Christmas this year is very different. For the first time ever, I won't be going back "home" to Tennessee to spend Christmas with my family. We are staying at our new home in Maryland- just Tommy and me. I have to work Christmas this year. I'm off on Christmas day but have to work Christmas Eve and the 26th. The fact that we are not going to be spending Christmas with family and I will be working makes this Christmas feel very different. It will be hard and different and probably somewhat sad, but it will also be fun and exciting and new for Tommy and I to spend this special time together at our home. We also have wonderful friends who have invited us to have Christmas dinner with their family, and we are looking forward to that. And my family is coming up for New Year's so we will get to spend some of the holiday season with family.

I mailed packages today and am officially DONE with Christmas shopping!!!

Yesterday we had our monthly OB appointment, and it was great. We heard a nice, strong heartbeat. Only a few weeks until we see our baby again on the ultrasound!

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