new direction.

This afternoon Jack and I went for a play date.  It's so fun to have a baby friend to play with... and a mama friend for me.  My heart has been longing for this for awhile.  We were in a part of Knoxville that I honestly have never been to before.  I definitely live in a West-Knoxville bubble-- a problem and a rant for another post -- but I forget that places like Powell, Karns, Halls, etc. are all a part of Knoxville.  Anyway, I had to use my GPS to get home.  As I pulled out of her neighborhood I turned on my GPS and hit "GO HOME".  I mindlessly followed the GPS, as I so many times have.  After awhile the road looked somewhat familiar.  When I realized where I was, I was so confused about where I had been and how I had gotten there.  I looked over at my GPS to see where it was taking me and why I went this way that seemed to have been wrong.  I knew there was a faster, better way to where I wanted to go.  I glanced down and saw this:

Notice the arrival time-- 10:27 PM.  PM, I thought???  This was at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  I just kept thinking that something was wrong with my GPS, and then it hit me- the GPS was fine, it was me that was the problem.  You see, my "GO HOME" was still programmed for our Maryland home.  We're going in a new direction now.  We have shifted, picked up, and have been living this somewhat unsettled life for two months now.  I say unsettled because there are so many unknowns.  When will our house sell?  When will we move out of our parents' house?  Where will we live?  Will I get a job?  Now, today, and this year of 2012, our family is moving in a new direction.  We have a new calling to listen to.  I will re-program my mind and my GPS, and we will plant our family here--- whatever that brings for us in 2012.

[And yes, I do realize that this is probably one of the dumbest things I've done.]

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