happy 8 months Jack!

My Dear Jack Baby,

At 8 months you are the most active you've ever been!  A couple of weeks ago you started pulling up, and you love it so much that it has made crawling seem dull to you.  I think you will walk soon.  You crawl so fast these days- mostly using it as a means to get to something better to pull up on but also to explore the world.  You spend your days playing, eating, talking, and learning more and more.  You have learned to wave bye-bye but you don't use your hand, instead you wave your arm in circles from the elbow up- cutest.thing.ever.  You love rice cereal and oatmeal.  You used to love green beans but you fight them now.  Your favorite thing to do is feed yourself finger foods!  You love being a big boy and feeding yourself, and it's so fun to watch.  You show us love now, and it melts our hearts every time.  You crawl to us and pull yourself up onto our laps or pull on our legs so that we pick you up.  You make my day when you do this.  You love to go for walks, especially when the dogs are with us.  Your doggies always make you laugh!  You love your grandparents very much and laugh and smile at them when you see them.  You have a great smile and are developing more and more of your personality every day.  We love you so much Jack, and love being your parents.  Happy 8 months! 

All Our Love,
Mom & Dad  

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